Spectacular clutch from s1mple vs G2

s1mple from Natus Vincere showed his confidence by staying in a 1vs4 situation against guys from G2. Alexander proved that he is not the only one to be feared with an AWP. One must take into account that there were less than 20 seconds left until end of the round at that moment. Guys from G2 literally went for the s1mple themselves, for which first three players quickly paid the price. Having placed a bomb, Alexander took a good position. AmaNEk tried to clear it, but s1mple managed to prevent it and earned win for his team.

This incredible clutch occurred on the Nuke map as part of the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021. Natus Vincere won 16:13, again thanks to Alexander.

NAVI were winners of this match and went on to the grand final. G2, on the other hand, finished third. Having qualified for the final, Natus Vincere faced difficulties, due to which they lost to Gambit.