IEM Katowice 2021 Obsession - hot confrontations!

The annual championship IEM Katowice is the foundation for all CS:GO fans and lovers.

Natus Vincere - the champions of last season are back to defend their title. Their mechanical actions on the map were really incredible in the last tournament.

S1mple and CS:GO have something in common - a new enemy! ZyWoO again became the best player in the world, Alexander has even more motivation to prove himself and prove that it is NAVI who should take the main trophy of this season.

The most difficult thing when you are in the top is to stay there!

The team writes history from year to year, at almost every championship! The champions of our time are Astralis. They include players who have overcome all difficulties not only on stage, but also outside it. Astralis team - is there a hunger for victory? Despite the long time in the top, they still think only about the championship.

Check it out, IEM: Katowice 2021 will take place online from February 16th to 28th. 24 teams will compete for $1 million, the winner will earn $400,000.