Crazy clutch from n0rb3r7 vs Lyngby Vikings

n0rb3r7 from K23 showed a brilliant clutch, remaining in a 1vs5 situation. We must consider that the score at this point was 10:10 and K23 made a force buy. Losing the round would have meant that team was definitely letting their opponent go for a score of 10:12. Having eliminated his first opponent, David picked up an AK-47 and went almost into an ambush. With some incredible spray control, he handled the remaining four opponents with ease.

This clutch was on show at Ancient as part of the Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Playoffs 1. K23 were victorious on this map with a score of 16:12.

K23 were winners in this match and sent Lyngby Vikings team into the lower bracket.