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Roman Resolut1on Fomynok

Professional Dota 2 player. Roman began his playing career at about 14-15 years old. Since 2010 he has played in DotA Allstars. Then Roman just moved to Kiev and plunged headlong into the "dota-tusovka". Since 2011 I switched to Dota 2. He gained fame in the very first professional team of ICCup, where he came in the spring of 2013. Then, unexpectedly for many, the players reached the final at StarLadder StarSeries Season 6. From August to October 2013, Roman tried his hand at Virtus.pro, but left the team, following Goblak to RoX.KIS. There he did not stay long either. In November, Team Empire invited Resolut1on to replace their team's veteran Scandal. Roman not only settled on the mid lane, but often took on the role of captain. Resolut1on went through fire, water and copper pipes with the team. I visited The International twice, but both times Team Empire did not live up to expectations. By the beginning of 2016, Roman made a decision atypical for CIS players - he moved to the American team Digital Chaos. At TI6, Digital Chaos hit the underdog role but sensationally made it to second place. In the spring of 2017, the team changed the tag twice. In June 2017, the five were signed by the young organization Planet Odd, but the team was unable to repeat last year's success. Roman started a new season in the ranks of OG, and this season was one of the worst for both the player and the team. Roman left the band in March 2018 and soon accepted the offer from VGJ.Storm. He then continued his career at Forward Gaming. At the end of 2019, he joined Virtus.Pro, where he performed with varying success until November 2020. Currently inactive.
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