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Maurice KheZu Gutmann

KheZu switched over from HoN to Dota 2 in late 2015 and was highly sought after in the roster lock period before the Shanghai Major 2016. He was first rumoured to be playing with 7ckngMad, Kebap, miCKe and iNsania, but ended up registering with Demon, jk, Zyzzy and Kebap, a team that disbanded after Kebap joined NO-VASELINE. KheZu joined Eskillz, Steffstyle, Pablo and Ash on the new team COOKISS after roster locks, but was unable to find much success with them. In the post Shanghai Major shuffle, KheZu joined syndereN's new team No Diggity. The team was signed by Escape Gaming shortly before The International 2016 and managed to qualify as the final wild card slot. Escape had a lackluster group stage however, finishing 2-12 before being eliminated by Fnatic in the first round of the lower bracket. After Escape failed to qualify for the Boston Major 2016, KheZu joined Team Secret, replacing Forev. After Team Secret, there were more than 10 stacks and teams. The last team was Crazy, which disbanded its roster due to COVID-19.
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