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December 13th, 2020

ZIGMA - Asian Legend Challenge League Winners

We try to follow all CS:GO championships and even those with little-known teams. ZIGMA earned $17,000 by winning the Asian Legend Challenge League.

ZIGMA made it through the group stage with four wins and only one loss to Invictus Gaming. In the playoffs, ZIGMA took revenge on iG, then lost to Huat Zai, defeated Invictus Gaming again and defeated Huat Zai in a tough match with a score of 3:2 on maps.

ZIGMA [0: 1] Huat Zai * since passed from the upper bracket
ZIGMA [16:10] Huat Zai @ Vertigo
ZIGMA [16: 9] Huat Zai @ Mirage
ZIGMA [7:16] Huat Zai @ Inferno
ZIGMA [16:11] Huat Zai @ Nuke

The distribution of the prize fund for the Asian Legend Challenge League:

1st place: ZIGMA - $17,000
2nd place: Huat Zai - $8,000
3rd place: Invictus Gaming - $4,000
4th place: Lynn Vision Gaming - $3,000
5th place: After Gaming - $2,000
6th place: Wings Up Gaming - $1,000

Roster ZIGMA:

- Reality
- PPOverdose