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May 21st, 2021

"Young Gods" - History of the DAMWON Gaming Team

Hello everyone! Today we will once again plunge into the history of the League of Legends, but this time our story will not start from the distant 2011-2012 years. The current world champions, DAMWON Gaming, have come under our microscope. Let's try to figure it out: "How did they manage to make their way to the top so quickly?"

Unimportant start

DAMWON Gaming organization in 2017. The League of Legends roster immediately opened: the team took the place of MiraGe Gaming in the second Korean division of CK 2017 Summer.

The first roster of DAMWON Gaming:

  • Parang
  • Crush
  • Boroona
  • BeryL
  • Hoit

You may notice that even then the team had the current support of the roster - BeryL, but at that time he was playing in the ADC position.

In the first split, DWG finished in 5th place. They did not have enough until the playoffs quite a bit, and since the organization was young, the failures hit the moral component a lot. Immediately after the summer split, Parang and Boroona left the team, but ShowMaker, Nuguri, Alive and Iron came before the KeSPA Cup 2017.

For now, 3 out of 5 members of the championship squad have come together, but the results have not improved: the team took the 9-12th place at the KeSPA Cup 2017, having managed to defeat only Kongdoo Monster.

Search for synergy and first success

Over the past season, the team received only $3,559 in prize money and the replacements continued. Iron left after only 2 months in the team: Nuguri became the only topper in the roster.

DAMWON Gaming made it to the playoffs at CK Spring 2018, but lost the first match to Ever8 Winners 1-3. Dreams of the first division continued to torment all players and immediately after the split, Crush, the player of the very first squad, left the team.

DAMWON Gaming roster in summer 2018:

  • Nuguri
  • Punch
  • ShowMaker
  • Nuclear
  • Hoit

In the summer split, the long-awaited success came to the team - DWG simply swept away all opponents in the group stage, taking first place. They gave up only 3 maps in 16 games and with this performance guaranteed themselves participation in the promotion to the LCK.

The team caught the courage and won two matches without any problems, after which the first division awaited them.

LCK? As easy as pie

In September, before the promotion, Canyon joins the roster, but so far only as a substitute. By the way: BeryL has already "moved" changed his role and also became the second number in his position, and most of the matches were played by Hoit.

At the upcoming KeSPA Cup 2018, the team showed that they should be feared: having passed the sieve of the first round without any problems, they managed to beat SKT T1 themselves. They could not go further. They were stopped by Griffin, but the victory over the eminent rival raised the hype around the squad.

Many who came to LCK from the second division were simply lost among the giants of the scene. The teams could not compete with the world giants and often returned to CK, but not DAMWON.

DAMWON Gaming at LCK Spring 2019

DAMWON Gaming at LCK Spring 2019

In the regular season of the spring split, they managed to immediately qualify for the playoffs from 5th place, and then beat SANDBOX Gaming, but their ardor was quickly cooled by KING-ZONE DragonX.

The management decided not to make any substitutions, but said goodbye to Punch - Canyon became the only jungler and on the first try took the title of the best player of the group stage in the summer.

The team finished second in the regular season and lost to SKT T1 0-3 in the semi-finals, but still managed to qualify for Worlds the first time!

DAMWON Gaming at Worlds 2019

DAMWON Gaming at Worlds 2019

At the first world championship for themselves, DWG began their performance from the Play-In stage. Having defeated their group without any problems, they defeated Lowkey Esports and advanced to the next stage.

They were in the same group as Invictus Gaming, Team Liquid and ahq e-Sports Club. Young Koreans did not flinch in front of eminent rivals and advanced to the quarterfinals from the first place, losing only once to TL.

In the quarter-finals, G2 was waiting for them. In a bitter struggle on 4 maps, the European squad turned out to be stronger.

DAMWON Gaming finished in 5th-8th place and earned $89,000 in prize money. They gained valuable experience playing in the international arena, which helped them a lot in the future.

A year of total domination

Perhaps the title of this section is too loud, but the point is that whoever won, everyone was talking only about DWG.

DAMWON Gaming at LCK Spring 2020

DAMWON Gaming at LCK Spring 2020

The roster remained unchanged and managed to take 4th place in the spring split, losing to DRX in the playoffs.

Then the whole world was covered by the coronavirus and DWG only benefited: after the season resumed, DAMWON Gaming took first place in the summer, losing only 5 maps for the entire season.

DAMWON Gaming at Worlds 2020

DAMWON Gaming at Worlds 2020

At the World Championship, DWG were in the same group as JD Gaming, PSG Talon and Rogue. They successfully qualified for the quarterfinals from first place.

The playoff stage was very easy for the South Korean team: at first they beat compatriots from DRX 3-0, then gave revenge to G2 and now they were waiting for the final against Suning.

Despite the support of the stands, the Chinese team was unable to oppose DAMWON with practically nothing. 3-1 for the Korean team and they become world champions on the second try!

DAMWON Gaming - World Champions 2020

DAMWON Gaming - World Champions 2020!

Present time

At the end of the season, Nuguri left the squad. He left for the LPL of his own free will and always thinks about the team only in a positive way. He was replaced by Khan, who previously played for T1.

DAMWON Gaming began to cooperate with KIA and changed their name to DAMWON KIA, and also the legendary kkOma, who coached the legendary T1 roster, joined them.

DWG won the KeSPA Cup 2020 and left no team a chance in the 2021 Spring Split. At the moment, the Korean squad is playing at MSI and will fight to reach the semi-finals with MAD Lions.


It was the amazing story of the DAMWON Gaming team. Hard training and constant improvement have made them the most talked about team in the world.

Next time we will tell you about Unicrons of Love and the state of the League of Legends in the CIS region.

See you at the Rift!