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December 14th, 2020

Winners Virtus.pro and success Alliance - results EPIC League S2

Virtus.pro became the champion of the EPIC League Division 1 and earned $200,000, while Alliance were the best at the EPIC League Division 2.

EPIC League Division 1 Final: Virtus.pro [3:2] OG @ BO5

Virtus.pro played this tournament steadily, finished the group stage with 7 wins and 2 losses. In the playoffs, Team Secret was dealt with, Vikin.gg was taken out, and OG won the grand final.

EPIC League Division 2 Final: Alliance [3:2] Live to Win @ BO5

Alliance dropped to the second division after a poor performance in the first. They started their way to the playoffs from the lower bracket, first dealt with Winstrike, then defeated Just Error, crushed Spider Pigzs, the hardest bottom bracket final with Gambit Esports ended in their favor. They managed to defeat Live to Win in the grand final.

EPIC League Division 1 prize pool distribution:

1st place: Virtus.pro - $200,000
2nd place: OG - $100,000
3rd place: Vikin.gg - $50,000
4th place: Team Liquid - $40,000
5th-6th place: Team Secret and Natus Vincere - $30,000 each
7th-8th place: Nigma and Yellow Submarine - $25,000 each

Distribution of the prize fund for the EPIC League Division 2:

1st place: Alliance - $20,000
2nd place: Live to Win - $10,000
3rd place: Gambit Esports - $7,000
4th place: Spider Pigzs - $4,000
5th-6th place: Chicken Fighters and Just Error- $2,500 each
7th-8th place: mudgolems and Winstrike - $1,250 each

Virtus.pro roster:

- gpk
- epileptick1d
- DM
- Save
- illias

Alliance roster:

- Limmp
- Nikobaby
- s4
- Handsken
- fng