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January 19th, 2021

What you should know about Snow Sweet Snow #1 (Dota 2)?

Relog Media announced a series of CS: GO and Dota 2 tournaments - Snow Sweet Snow # 1. Despite the start of the Dota Pro Circuit season, they will hold the championship with the teams participating in the DPC.


Event format:

Two groups of 8 teams each. All matches are best of 3, the two best teams advance to the upper bracket, 3-6 places to the lower bracket. 7th-8th place crashes.

In the playoffs, a double elimination system awaits us, the match format is best of 3, and the grand final is best of 5.

The prize pool was $50,000 and the distribution looks like this:

1st place: $25,000
2nd place: $15,500
3rd place: $7,500
4th place: $2,500

Participating teams:

Brame: Focus, W1sh, SkyLark, Stomanen1, SsaSpartan
EXTREMUM: Nefrit, mellojul, Shachlo, Chu, G
Team Empire: Smilling Knight, gwynbleidd, Petushara, sayuw, EcNart
Hippomaniacs: CURRY, Mambos, Tipek, Muf, sehny
Spider Pigzs: lil pleb, No! Ob, Mitch, dnz, LeBronDota
Nemiga Gaming: tatakae, Ainkrad, TheChosenOne, Petru44o, Lodine
Level UP: Mastermind, Boranija, Koun, QOVAL, Failetz
No Bounty Hunter: kAAN, ntakii, BliNcc, dEsire, Flash
Creepwave: Crystallis, Malr1ne, AMMAR_THE_FUCKER, Alexxo, Fishman
Zero Respect: Joraal, Tib, Sky, Cry, Dayshi
burjui: Runec, flacs, Ouker, Killomancer, Atoufix
Imperial Pro Gaming: Rari, Akold, SuperNova, Le don, Antoha
XactJIepbl: lightless, MagicaL, Funn1k, KingR, Nofear
PuckChamp: Krlt, Desperate, meLes, Astral, Dukalis
Hellbear Smashers: Ace, Stormstormer, rASmus, Gilgir, tOfu
NoUndying: Elmo, young G, Lasthero, velheor, BLACKARXANGEL