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January 25th, 2021

What you should know about cs_summit 7?

The cs_summit 7 championship will take place from 25 to 31 January. 12 teams will compete for a total prize pool of $200,000, the winner will earn $90,000.

Groups on cs_summit 7

Format of cs_summit 7:

There are 3 groups of 4 teams each. All matches are best of 3, 1-2 places in each group go to the playoffs, third place in the Last Chance Stage, and the best team among the fourth places also gets into this Last Chance stage.

Prize fund distribution:

1st place: $90,000
2nd place: $40,000
3-4th place: $12,500 each

Group stage cs_summit 7:

Group "A": OG, Complexity Gaming, Fnatic, Dignitas

January 25, 14:00 CET: OG vs. Dignitas @ BO3
January 25, 14:00 CET: Fnatic vs. Complexity Gaming @ BO3

Group "B": Heroic, mousesports, FaZe Clan, MIBR

January 25, 17:30 CET: FaZe Clan vs. mousesports @ BO3
January 25, 17:30 CET: Heroic vs. MIBR @ BO3

Group "C": FURIA Esports, Cloud9, Virtus.pro, Ninjas in Pajamas

January 25 21:00 CET: FURIA Esports vs Cloud9 @ BO3
January 25 21:00 CET: Virtus.pro vs. Ninjas in Pajamas @ BO3

The line-ups of the participating teams at cs_summit 7:

Cloud9: floppy, ALEX, mezii, es3tag, Xeppaa
Complexity: blameF, RUSH, k0nfig, jks, JUGi
Dignitas: f0rest, friberg, hallzerk, H4RR3, HEAP
FaZe Clan: rain, coldzera, broky, Kjaerbye, TBA
Fnatic: KRiMZ, JW, Brollan, Golden, Jackinho
FURIA Esports: yuurih, arT, VINI, KSCERATO, honda
Heroic: stavn, b0RUP, cadiaN, TeSeS, niko
MIBR: chelo, yel, shz, boltz, danoco
mousesports: ropz, karrigan, frozen, Bymas, acoR
Ninjas in Pajamas: REZ, Plopski, twist, nawwk, hampus
OG: NBK, Aleksib, valde, ISSAA, mantuu
Virtus.pro: buster, Qikert, Jame, SANJI, YEKINDAR