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January 14th, 2021

What you should know about BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020?

The start of a new season with the participation of tier-1 teams is not far off, the first stop will be BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020, where 8 teams will compete for $1 million. The championship will be held from 19 to 24 January.

The format is quite simple, 8 teams in a double elimination bracket, the format of all matches is best of 3.

Match Schedule

January 19 16:30 CET: Astralis vs. Evil Geniuses @ BO3
January 19, 20:30 CET: G2 Esports vs FURIA Esports @ BO3
January 20, 13:30 CET: Team Vitality vs. Complexity @ BO3
January 20, 16:30 CET: NAVI vs. Team Liquid @ BO3

Prize pool distribution - BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020

1st place: $600,000
2nd place: $200,000
3rd place: $80,000
4th place: $50,000
5th-6th place: $20,000 each
7th-8th place: $15,000 each

The composition of the participating teams at BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020

Natus Vincere: s1mple, flamie, Perfecto, Boombl4, electronic
Astralis: device, dupreeh, Xyp9x, gla1ve, Magisk
Evil Geniuses: Brehze, CeRq, Ethan, tarik, stanislaw
Vitality: apEX, RpK, ZyWOo, shox, misutaaa
G2 Esports: kennyS, AmaNEk, nexa, huNter-, NiKo
Team Liquid: EliGE, NAF, Stewie2k, Grim, FalleN
FURIA Esports: yuurih, arT, VINI, KSCERATO
Complexity: blameF, RUSH, k0nfig, jks, JUGi