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January 11th, 2021

What to expect from the Valorant Episode 2

During a recent broadcast, the developers shared details about the upcoming changes in the game and shared their plans for the future

In addition to the new agent, on the first day of release of the new episode in Valorant players will receive the long-awaited leaderboard, which will show players of the rank of Immortal and above. It will be available not only on the website but also in the game client. The table will be unique for each region and will be updated in real-time. The place of the player in the table will be displayed in the Acts Rank section.

Changes also affected the rank system as a whole. With the start of the new Act, climbing through the ranks will not only become easier but also more understandable. Hated arrows, which showed the player's progress after the match, have been replaced by points. To move up, you must score 100 points, and it will not be necessary to play a promotional series. Reaching the 0 point mark and then losing a match will result in a demotion. You will get 10 to 50 points for winning a match, depending on your stats, you can lose 10 to 30 points for losing, a draw will get you 20 points maximum.

Riot Games will also be working on expanding the map pool to 7 maps, improving the detection systems for dealing with AFK players and smurfs, and possibly adding a competitive mode for a group of 5 players throughout the year.