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January 28th, 2021

"What about Dota?" - new organizations, mixes and reshuffles

There has been no news on Dota 2 for a long time and we decided to tell you about the changes in the rosters, the emergence of new organizations and interesting mixes. This will allow you to better navigate what is happening in the DPC season in the regions of Europe and the CIS.

New DPC season for Solo - NoTechies roster

mudgolems is now running under the Tundra Esports organization tag

Tundra Esports signs mudgolems roster

For a long time the composition of the mudgolems was in search of an organization. It took them about 2 months, but finally they found themselves a new tag. Also, before the season, they decided on two replacements, in the center they now have Nine, and in the four Biver.

The roster of Tundra Esports looks like this:

- Nine (middle)
- skiter (carry)
- 33 (offlane)
- Biver (support four)
- FATA (support five)

HellRaisers will continue to play in the DPC season without Nix

HellRaisers announced the transfer of Nix

The HellRaisers organization announced the reshuffle of its Dota 2 roster before the start of the second division. According to the CEO of HellRaisers, Nix will have to play for them at ESL One CIS DPC Lower Division due to Valve rules. He will play in a maximum of 3 out of 7 matches. Nikita young G Bochko is now playing instead.

Nix often talks on his streams that he is not very good at playing in the center and therefore asked the organization to put him on transfer. Most likely, he will be a carry in the new team.

Roster HellRaisers:

- young G (middle)
- Cooman (carry)
- Resolut1on (captain / offlane)
- lil me alone (support four)
- VANSKOR (support five)

Chicken Fighters joined the tag High Coast Esports

Chicken Fighters went under the tag - High Coast

The Swedish Chicken Fighters have found a new home after ending their partnership with Ninjas in Pajamas. Now they will play under the tag of the little-known organization High Coast Esports. The roster managed to lose to OG and Team Liquid in the first division of DreamLeague Season 14 DPC.

Roster High Coast Esports:

- Supream^ (middle)
- CharlieDota (carry)
- Chessie (offlane)
- Era (support four)
- Xibbe (support five)

Virtus.pro presented a new youth roster - VP.Prodigy

VP.Prodigy presented a new roster

The ex-Team Generation roster will play under the VP.Prodigy tag, there are young players who were given a chance by Virtus.pro to show themselves. As the current Virtus.pro did in their time - DM, Save and Nightfall.

VP.Prodigy played only 1 match in the second division, they lost to HellRaisers.

Roster VP.Prodigy:

- Larl (middle)
- Noticed (carry)
- celebrity (offlane)
- forcemajor (support four)
- dSa (support five)

Team Unique signed team NoPangolier

Pikachu playing in middle for Team Unique

Right before the start of the first division of ESL One CIS DPC 2021, the organization decided to sign the NoPangolier team. The core of the former Cyber ​​Legacy players is playing there, and they lost their debut match against NAVI without a chance.

Roster Team Unique:

- Pikachu (middle)
- Palantimos (carry)
- Ghostik (offlane)
- Bignum (support four)
- Slayer (support five)

B8 Esports kicked the German 5up and took T[S]A

B8 Esports removed 5up from its roster

Immediately after the unsuccessful performance at the Decider Tournament for ESL One CIS DPC 2021, where the B8 went to the second division, the team decided to end cooperation with 5up. The new four in B8 Esports is a player from Russia - T[S]A. However, in the match against XactJIepbl, the team played with illusion.

It is noteworthy that due to the rules from Valve, 5up will still play at least three games for B8 Esports in the second DPC division.

Roster B8 Esports:

- Dendi (center)
- RdO (carry)
- Sexyfat (offlane)
- T[S]A (support four)
- Duster (support-five)

Formation of new mixes in the CIS region - NoTechies and XactJIepbl

Solo has assembled the NoTechies roster for the DPC season

Alexey Solo Berezin, after a bad experience with Just Error, did not sit back and put together a mix of free agents. Its squad managed to win two matches and get into the first division of ESL One CIS DPC 2021.

Crystallize ended its contract with Natus Vincere on January 23rd and is therefore officially a free agent. NoTechies started their way in the first division with defeats to Live to Win and Natus Vincere.

Roster NoTechies:

- Ergon (middle)
- Crystallize (carry)
- Malik (offlane)
- Zayac (support four)
- Solo (support five)

MagicaL is the new mid lane for XactJIepbl

With difficulty, the roster with no less famous players - XactJIepbl - passed through the second open qualifier. The guys who used to play for HellRaisers gathered: Funn1k, KingR, and Nofear trained them. They got themselves a young carry player lightless and MagicaL to the center. The debut match was lost by B8 with a score of 1: 2 on cards.

Roster XactJIepbl:

- MagicaL (middle)
- Lightless (carry)
- Funn1k (offlane)
- KingR (support four)
- Nofear (support five)

Roman RAMZES666 Kushnarev, Vladimir No[O]ne Minenko and others are missing the first DPC season, and the chances of getting to The International are close to zero.