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May 7th, 2021

VCT EMEA Challengers Playoffs results

VCT EMEA Challengers Playoffs have recently come to an end, with Team Liquid winning. In this article we will summarise the results of that tournament.

There were a total of 8 teams competing in the Challengers Playoffs with a prize pool of $106,306. Two teams managed to get a slot to a tournament in Iceland to represent the European region. 

Regional successes

Turkish teams were not able to fully impress with their performance. Oxygen Esports did well, and with more luck and experience at bigger tournaments, they could have struggled to play in the finals. Unfortunately, match against Team Liquid completely overturned the Turkish confidence.

CIS region was represented at this tournament by Gambit Esports. Team was able to show their full readiness to fight against teams of all levels. In the semi-finals, Gambit were able to compete with Fnatic, but eventually lost by a score of 0:2. Now the team must continue to train hard, because at any time the guys from forZe can once again become the best team in the CIS, as it happened so many times before.


Gambit Esports

Swedish team Guild Esports surprised with their irresponsible preparation for the tournament. Team, which stood out as favourites for the whole tournament, managed to lose to Oxygen Esports without putting up a fight on one of their best maps.

FunPlus Phoenix look like a team that is due for replacements very soon. dimasick and ShadoW are clearly out of shape, these players were sorely missed in the tournament. Their game as a whole no longer looks the way it used to. Unconventional captain's decisions by ANGE1 began to appear less often, team began to resort to the use of standard tactics, which are easily controlled at such a high level.


FunPlus Phoenix on the bootcamp

Fnatic have been able to prove that even with two new players, it is possible to show incredible results. Derke can already definitely be called one of this year's discoveries. It is very rare that players can adapt and start showing unimaginable play when they move from an average CIS team to a strong European team. In this tournament Fnatic lacked map pool, this factor was very disturbing in the final against Liquid. If team continues to train as hard as they have been, perhaps they can push Team Liquid from the top spot.

Just before the tournament, there were a lot of questions about Team Liquid. They could only handle average players without problems, games against the top players always caused big problems. Before this tournament, the team gathered at a bootcamp, which immediately began to pay off. As a result they easily defeated all opponents in the course of the tournament. In the final against Fnatic they snatched a hard-fought victory. 


1st place: Team Liquid - $42,070 + slot at Masters Reykjavik
2nd place: Fnatic - $18,030 + slot at Masters Reykjavik
3-4th place: Oxygen Esports / Gambit Esports - $10,818
5-6th place: FunPlus Phoenix / Guild Esports - $7,212
7th-8th place: BBL Esports / Futbolist - $4,808

In this article we summarise the VCT EMEA Challengers Playoffs. The most anticipated tournament of the first half of 2021 is already approaching, namely Masters Reykjavik. This will be the first big Valorant LAN for the scene as a whole.