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May 25th, 2021

Valve permanent banned 10 players from Dota 2

Tonight on the official Twitter of the DPC League in North America, information was published that the players of the Wind and Rain and Pecado Squad Gaming rosters.

Official statement from tournament organizers 

Official statement from tournament organizers

The community was suspicious of the WAR vs felt match: before the match, the odds at the boomekers' offices sank heavily in favor of outsiders. Unfortunately, yol's team lost the game and Reddit users branded the players for participating in a mock match. Details of the investigation are not reported, at the same time, Vladimir Basov has already spoken out about his bath:

All im saying is i didnt got payed from anyone/ i didn't ever bet on my games. I was just playing na dpc2 with mix for fun cuz i had such chance. I dont want to blame particular person but if some guy in our team did some bets why the rest players who didn't know about it should suffer. Valve made statement without showing any evidance and just banned my WHOLE team. How is this fair?

Vladimir "yol" Basov

Also among the banned players were two more representatives of the CIS: Danil "satesate" Krivenko and Sensibility.

Vladimir "yol" Basov played for such teams as Virtus.Pro, RoX, Vega Squadron and Elements Pro Gaming. The peak of his career was in 2014-2016.

Wind and Rain team members:

  • yol
  • satesate
  • Steel -_- Borco
  • Szabo666
  • Sword

Pecado Squad Gaming team line-up:

  • Sensibility
  • Cheeky
  • P1
  • Duffy
  • Wdr