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January 27th, 2021

VAC ban forced a talent player to move to VALORANT

Elias Jamppi Olkkonen announced his move to VALORANT in a tweet on January 26. Elias recorded a video message stating that he would consider any offers from teams in the discipline. The reason for the move is a VAC lockout, which prohibits him from playing in Valve-sponsored tournaments.

Recall that the Finnish player appeared on the professional Counter-Strike scene in 2017. Then, at the age of 16, he represented Finland in the King of Nordic tournaments. The young player was quickly noticed and already in April 2018, Jamppi signed his first professional contract with the Finnish organization SJ. 

Elias was the main star of the team and stood out for his play with AWP. In April 2020 Jamppi officially joined ENCE. At that time, the management was aware of the VAC ban, so they started to help the player in every way possible to solve the problem. The Finnish organization stated that they believed Jamppi and did not consider him to be involved in the blocking. As Elias himself said, he had given the account to his friend, who ended up playing with cheats. In November, the Finnish court refused to continue hearing Olkkonen's lawsuit because it had no jurisdiction in the case.

In January 2021, Elias was relegated to the bench and even then there were rumors of a possible move to another discipline.

The only good results during the ENCE game were 1-2nd place in the BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Europe Showdown.

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