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April 27th, 2021

UCAM advanced to the semifinals of European Masters 2021

On the first map, Plasma played a big role in the team's victory on Thresh: his hooks help win the lane stage against Sion and Senna. UCAM Esports Club managed to get 4 kills at different ends of the map in the 14th minute and finally consolidate the initial advantage. The Spaniards finish the first map in 22 minutes, giving up 2 kills in the entire game.

The second map was more intense: Mkers made competent movements around the map, taking more and more kills, but UCAM was better at farming, destroying towers and killing dragons. The decisive moment was the theft of Baron Nashor from Hadess, on the 23rd minute, UCAM were able to fight in their favor in his lair and took over the gold advantage. The last fight was on the 28th minute: the Spaniards quickly made 4 frags and demolished the enemy's nexus.

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2-0 for UCAM Esports Club and they advance to the semi-finals, where they will face off against the winner of the Karmine Corp - Suppup eSports pair. Mkers leave the European Masters in 5th-8th place and earn €8,000.

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