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June 5th, 2021

TSM beat Team Liquid in the first match of LCS Summer Split 2021

It is worth noting that TSM versus Team Liquid is always a fundamental confrontation: two legendary organizations that have been competing with each other for many years in different games, each time they fight to the death.

The first match of the summer and immediately we see Viego at pick. The ruined king has been long awaited on the professional scene and now he is finally breaking into esports!

The beginning of the game was very slow and tense: both teams were afraid to make a mistake and give an advantage to their opponent.

A long silence interrupts Lost and kills Tactical in a 1v1 duel.

After the "first blood" events on the map began to become chaotic. Already 3 minutes later, a fight on a dragon takes place, in which TSM manages to win and gain a foothold in the game as a leader.

At the 26th minute, PowerOfEvil shows the true power of Viego in team battles.

This moment became a key moment in the whole game. The TSM were able to secure the necessary advantage, which allowed them to take the soul of the infernal dragon.

Team Liquid did not give up and tried to return to the game, however, the gap in towers and gold was too big.

1-0 in favor of TSM and they get a very important victory over Team Liquid, leading the way to first place with Cloud9.

Summer split has already begun! Follow the hot battles of the best teams in the world on the event page!