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March 13th, 2021

"Trump card up in the sleeve" - FC Schalke 04 vs Fnatic Match review

FC Schalke 04 are in a quandary. They need to win every next match to get to the playoffs for sure. The first rivals in the final week of the group stage were the formidable Fnatic, who, by the way, have not yet secured their passage further, and for them this match also meant a lot.


Picks after the first stage of the draft FNC vs S04

Picks after the first stage of the draft FNC vs S04

Both teams open the draft from the late game champions. FC Schalke 04's Orianna and Seraphina must have a lot of farm to be effective in a fight, while Fnatic's Senna will spend the first half of the game helping Tahm Kench, and only with a lot of collected souls will she reveal her potential.

Opponents also chose foresters with high gank potential - Udyr and Hekarim. This makes it clear that even though the teams' setups are designed for the late game, the teams will overclock her teams from the very beginning.

Final picks S04 vs FNC

Final picks S04 vs FNC

Unexpectedly for everyone, Urgot appears on the fourth peak at S04. This is the first appearance of this champion in the league for the entire split. Alistair follows him for more control and initiation. Fnatic is answered by Zoe and Gankplank.

The main victory condition for both teams is the same - to go to the late game with the best farm, but they need the exact opposite to win fights.

S04 rely on a lot of mass control and good damage from Orianna with Urgot, while Fnatic needs to stretch the entire enemy squad as wide as possible in the fight, putting Tahm Kench on the front line and giving space to Senna and Gankplank.

A game

Fnatic decided to reinvigorate the red buff of FC Schalke 04. They do it very well, and they knock out resources from Seraphine and also kill her.

Abbedagge is seriously mistaken next to the mid lane. Most likely, thinking that the damage from Zoe would not be enough, the player on Orianna decided not to spend the Flash, for which he paid with his life.

The game starts at 0-2 for S04, but Urgot, although not without problems, can farm against Bwipo.

Gilius unsuccessfully ganks and gives the kill to Bwipo. 0-3 in favor of Fnatic and about 2.5k gold advantages already at 8 minutes.

The situation for the German club is frankly bad, however they are not going to give up and earn two kills. One of them effectively takes Broken Blade on Urgot with the ultimate, and on the top, taking advantage of the ultimates, S04 take Senna, slowing down the pace of her farming.

Gilius again goes to gank to the top, however, due to the high density of Tahm Kench, no one can be taken, but Hekarim and Alistair decide to wait in cover until the lane starts running and it becomes possible to finish off the enemy. The murder is taken by the Urgot who arrived at the teleporter, who can already do a large amount of damage.

The first big fight takes place at 15 minutes near the middle line. Seraphine has already managed to get the Moonstone renewer, thanks to which none of the FC Schalke 04 team members dropped below 50% in HP. 3 unanswered kills for the German club and the gold advantage drops from 2.4k to 800.

S04 decide to play a kind of gambit: they deliberately give up the third dragon in exchange for priority on the middle lane. Fnatic do not want to give the towers to the mid lane just like that, and are trying to defend them, however, after Alistair's burst into Tahm Kench, FNC are left without their "shield". Next is Selfmade. He runs into 4 opponents without allies' cover and dies. 2 in 1 in favor of S04.

On the 19th minute, Bwipo took Urgot 1 on 1, but after the tie of both teams a fight ensued, in which Fnatic won.

Fight on 22 minutes shows that Urgot has earned too much and it is very difficult to break him, even taking into account the fact that he is in the center of the batch. An excellent counter-initiation from LIMIT helps to take Zoe and neutralize Seraphine's mistake, which gave the Flash in the wrong direction, but due to the lack of a jungler from S04, Fnatic take the mountain dragon's soul.

After 3 minutes, a new fight ensues, in which, thanks to an excellent ultimate from Neon, Gankplank and Tahm Kench were quickly taken away. FC Schalke 04 completely revolutionizes the game, cementing the gold lead.

A minute later, after the capture of Baron Nashor, S04 flew into Tahm Kench and, without letting go of his control, were taken in front of his entire team. Senna also dies next, and in exchange it is possible to take only Hecarim, who has gone too far.

In the last fight, Fnatic, because of their position, lose their priority on the center lane. In an unsuccessful attempt to return it, Hylissang dies again, who could not press a single button. Then the whole team dies, except for Udyr, and the game ends.

FC Schalke 04 beat Fnatic and keep the chances of passing further.


Will these two teams make it to the playoffs? Find out in the next two days on the event page.

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