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May 28th, 2021

"Transfers in Valorant" - replacements in OG and other reshuffles

In this section, as always, we will tell you about all interesting reshuffles that have happened in Valorant lately.

OG has dropped three players from its roster

OG have announced that elllement, aKm and OniBy are leaving team. There is no word yet on which players will be replacing them.


OG removed three players from roster

Danish organisation announced a division on Valorant in February 2021. At that time, roster included players who had previously played under the Monkey Business tag. Team's results were not happy at all, they could not compete with strong teams at all and very often lost to weaker mixes. They failed to qualify for the VCT, and problems followed.

Roster OG:

  • uNKOE
  • TviQ
  • daemoN (coach)

The resurgence of Axsor

The Axsor collective has announced its return to the professional scene. Previously, сreator of this tag Vladislav Bgg Boev left One Breath Gaming. After that, he decided to link up with his old teammates.


Bgg left One Breath Gaming

Axsor team was formed in July 2020. They was quickly gaining momentum and made it to some good tournaments where they performed well. A significant event for the team was their entry to First Strike: CIS, where they managed to qualify for the main stage of tournament and finished in 5th-8th place. Team is Russian speaking, but four players have European citizenship. This means that they can take part in all tournaments.

Roster Axsor:

  • Bgg
  • wackie
  • forgetw0w
  • perelomslivki
  • MerQ

stellar and thief have left Luminosity

American organisation Luminosity Gaming has announced replacements in its line-up. Team has lost stellar and thief. Players have become free agents and will consider offers from other teams.


stellar and thief have left Luminosity

Luminosity's first Valorant squad appeared in August 2020. Until February 2021, team did not show any results and could not advance beyond closed qualifications for regional tournaments. After the reshuffle, squad got a second wind and began to win. They failed to qualify for the second part of VCT Challengers for America and rumours of replacements followed.

Roster Luminosity:

  • YaBoiDre
  • moose
  • aproto
  • trainer (coach)

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