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May 10th, 2021

"Transfers in Valorant" - disband CrowCrowd and more

In this article, we will tell you about all reshuffles that have taken place on the professional scene at Valorant in recent times.

CrowCrowd says goodbye to their line-up

CrowCrowd organisation has announced that it is taking a pause from discipline for an indefinite period. Players will continue to play individually.

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CrowCrowd disband

Team was assembled in January 2021, with three players from the former Warface organisation, joined by hvoya and Derke. They managed to perform well in the first season of VCT, after which Derke left the team and moved to Fnatic. They then started playing endless games with stand-ins that went nowhere. 

reltuC has left TSM

TSM organisation has abandoned its six-player strategy. Read more about this news on our website. 

reltuC has played for TSM since May 2020 and has achieved a lot with the team. The start of this season proved to be problematic for the team. TSM signed brax, who became the sixth player and soon a replacement for reltuC.


reltuC has left TSM

Roster TSM:

  • hazed
  • Wardell
  • Subroza
  • drone
  • brax
  • Tailored (coach)

RUBINO in search of a new team

RUBINO is still under contract at Heretics, but has already started looking for a new team. You can read more about this news on our website.

RUBINO has been playing for Team Heretics since the beginning of 2021. For a long time, the player was unable to adapt, as he had almost no professional experience at Valorant before that. However, the team quickly became one of the best in the world and also quickly began to show poor results.


RUBINO is looking for a new team

Roster Team Heretics:

  • lowel
  • pAura
  • nukkye
  • AvovA

wayLander joined IVY

Germany's IVY have announced that Jan wayLander Rahkonen is joining the squad as their fifth player.


wayLander joined IVY

wayLander moved to Valorant in early 2021, where he subsequently joined players under the legendary Dat tag. Jan is previously known in Counter-Strike at a high level, where he has played for teams such as: Gambit, FlipSid3, Winstrike and others.

Roster IVY:

  • wayLander
  • rAsk
  • Feeqn
  • HighKitty
  • roxie

B1SK becomes Team Singularity player

Team Sigularity have announced signing of Vitaliy B1SK Emolyanov. He will replace Sp1ke, who left the team last month.


B1SK joins Team Singularity

B1SK was previously a player of the notorious Worst Players. Vitaliy has a good game on the hero Raze, which is exactly what Singularity lacked when playing with Sp1ke. No word yet on where to watch the updated line-up.

Roster Team Singularity:

  • Insider
  • Gray
  • NLaaeR
  • B1SK
  • Dima
  • alexR (coach)

In this article, we have listed all the interesting reshuffles in Valorant lately.

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