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June 1st, 2021

"Transfer tuesday" - seized has gone and other reshuffles

"Transfer Tuesday" - changes in CS:GO teams for the last week.


Seized left Trident Clan


The Trident Clan organization decided to end cooperation with Denis seized Kostin. Their CS:GO team recently played extremely unsuccessfully at the EPIC League CIS 2021.


seized.jpegseized is looking for a new team


Trident Clan`s roster

  • tricky
  • glowiing
  • clax
  • Norwi

Shakezullah left Triumph


Shakezullah left Triumph. The 23-year-old has an average rating of 0.98. He can continue his career in CS:GO or move to Valorant.


Now in the team, there are only 2 players. Shakezullah, motm, Bwills left Triumph. Now there are only Cooper and cynic there.


Shakezullah.pngShakezullah and others left Triumph

Triumph`s roster after changes

  • Cooper
  • cynic

NLG signed kyuubii from Sprout


NLG announced the signing of kyuubii, who was previously on the bench at Sprout. In the German team, he spent several months as the sixth player and played at the ESL Meisterschaft.


kyuubii.pngWill kyuubii strengthen the NLG team?

NLG roster

  • red
  • pdy
  • xenn
  • s1n
  • kyuubii