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March 16th, 2021

"Transfer Tuesday" - ISSAA leaving and other reshuffles

In the "Transfer Tuesday" heading, we will mark the last substitutions in CS:GO teams.

OG and ISSAA mutually complete cooperation

OG and ISSAA decided to end their cooperation after the failure at ESL Pro League Season 13. The OG had 2 wins and 3 losses in group "A" and were eliminated.

OG terminated contract with ISSAAOG terminated contract with ISSAA

Earlier, OG was sent to the NBK bench and plans to continue playing with niko. In the next few days, the team will begin testing players to replace the ISSAA.

Roster OG

  • Aleksib
  • mantuu
  • valde
  • niko

16-year-old kyuubii becomes the 6th Sprout player

16-year-old kyuubii has joined the Sprout roster and has a chance to light up in the professional CS:GO scene.

kyuubii became part of Sprout

kyuubii became part of Sprout

The player will continue to play and study in parallel. He will be able to start a professional career after graduation.

Roster Sprout

  • Spiidi
  • denis
  • faveN
  • kressy
  • slaxz
  • kyuubii (6th player)

Team One kicked cass1n

Brazilian team Team One said goodbye to cass1n over Valve's decision to ban six-player rosters. cass1n is currently looking for a team from Europe!

Team One kicked cass1n

Roster Team One

  • Maluk3
  • pesadelo
  • prt
  • malbsMd
  • skullz

Project X announced disband

CIS-team Project X will not continue to play in the same roster. The roster divided into two camps: SENSEi, Psycho and Sergiz are looking for new teammates, and their trainer Nevar, w0nderful and 7oX1C will gather their roster.

Sergiz from the ex-member of Project X

Ex-lineup of Project X

  • Sergiz
  • Psycho
  • SENSEi
  • 7oX1C
  • w0nderful
  • Nevar (coach)