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May 11th, 2021

"Transfer Tuesday" - EPG Family finds organisation and other replace

As always in "Transfer Tuesday", we take a look back at the latest interesting developments on the professional scene.

Entropiq signs EPG Family

Czech organisation Entropiq has signed the EPG Family team. You can read more about this news on our website.

EPG Family left the Winstrike organisation in March, following breaches of contract by management. They is currently ranked 20th in the world rankings. 


Entropiq signs EPG Family

Roster Entropiq:

  • El1an
  • Lack1
  • NickelBack
  • Krad
  • Forester
  • hooch (coach)

Lyngby Vikings have renewed their line-up

Danish Lyngby Vikings have announced that hns, anarkez and FASHR are leaving the team. They have been replaced by maNkz, Daffu and J3nsyy.


hns, anarkez and FASHR leave Lyngby Vikings

Lyngby Vikings organisation is back to its original trend of five Danish players. The updated roster will be seen playing at the Spring Sweet Spring 2 tournament, which runs from 10 May to 2 June.

Roster Lyngby Vikings:

  • birdfromsky
  • raalz
  • maNkz
  • Daffu
  • J3nsyy
  • FeTiSh (coach)

KaiR0N has joined CrowCrowd

Russian Esports organisation CrowCrowd have announced the signing of seventeen-year-old Aleksander KaiR0N Anashkin as the fifth player on the main roster.


KaiR0N has joined CrowCrowd

KaiR0N has been performing on the professional stage since 2020. He is known for playing for the ex-Ethereal collective, which at one point was one step away from being ranked number 30 in the world rankings. It was he who could have played forZe, but Alexander's parents prevented him from joining the organisation.

Roster CrowCrowd:

  • dekz
  • killmatic
  • KaiR0N