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June 8th, 2021

"Transfer Tuesday" - coldzera's departure and other reshuffles

Traditionally, "Transfer Tuesday" and major changes over the past week.

coldzera left FaZe Clan


Brazilian star Marcelo coldzera David decided to leave FaZe Clan. He will now be looking for a team in South or North America. It is not yet clear who will be the fifth for the Fays. Their nearest tournament: BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021, will be held from 15 to 20 June.

Roster FaZe Clan

  • karrigan
  • rain
  • broky
  • Twistzz

Junior did not fit FURIA Esports


FURIA has announced its return to the main roster of Honda, replacing Junior. An unexpected decision, because the team took 2nd place at the RMR tournament cs_summit 8.

Current roster FURIA Esports

  • yuurih
  • arT
  • VINI
  • honda

ztr left NiP, he is now in Young Ninjas


Another surprise replacement, after second place in Flashpoint Season 3, NiP send ztr to Young Ninjas and take on the young LNZ.

Roster Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • REZ
  • Plopski
  • hampus
  • device
  • LNZ

In addition to changes in tier 1 teams, there were transfers to tier 2-3 teams.