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January 26th, 2021

"Transfer Tuesday" - ChrisJ leaving mouz and other reshuffles!

Today is Tuesday, which means the time for our regular column "Transfer Tuesday". Australian EXTREMUM roster, updated team rosters for cs_summit 7 and all the latest changes in the teams over the past couple of days.

chrisJ on LAN-tournament with mousesports

FRESH: chrisJ is loaned from mousesports to play for FunPlus.Phoenix

As expected, mousesports loaned out to chrisJ. The player will now play for FunPlus.Phoenix, and his debut will take place at DreamHack Open January 2021, where FunPlus are in group "A", and their rivals are BIG, HellRaisers and Evil Geniuses.

The nearest match FunPlus.Phoenix against Evil Geniuses on January 27 at 15:00 CET.

FunPlus.Phoenix complete roster:

- zehN
- maden
- farlig
- chrisJ
- Devilwalk

Organization from Russia EXTREMUM presented the Australian team

Former 100 Thieves players decided to play together again and went under the EXTREMUM banner. This time without jks, as he decided to pursue a career in complexity. The Australians made a name for themselves during the Renegades, and after a series of successful results they were signed by 100 Thieves, but due to the pandemic they were unable to maintain the lineup. BnTeT joined the backbone, they signed a contract with him in January, and began negotiations with the rest of the guys in October 2020.

EXTREMUM roster:

- Gratisfaction
- Liazz
- BnTeT
- jkaem

honda playing for FURIA Esports at cs_summit 7

honda currently plays for FURIA Esports

Junior still has problems with documents, which means that FURIA Esports is forced to play with honda again. They debuted with him at BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020, but took 7-8 place there.

FURIA Esports started cs_summit 7 with a win, they managed to beat Cloud9 with a 2:1 map score.

The closest match of FURIA Esports against Virtus.pro at 21:00 CET.

FURIA Esports roster at cs_summit 7:

- yuurih
- arT
- honda


Elmapuddy became Cloud9 coach before cs_summit 7

Elmapuddy is the new Cloud9 coach

Australian specialist Elmapuddy trains Cloud9 on cs_summit 7. As we have already reported above, Cloud started with a defeat against FURIA Esports. In addition to the new coach, they also have a new fifth - Xeppaa replaced woxic in the first team, he has a contract for 3 years.

The closest match of Cloud9 against Ninjas in Pajamas will take place on January 27 at 21:00 CET to leave the tournament.

Roster Cloud9 on cs_summit 7:

- floppy
- mezii
- es3tag
- Xeppaa
- Elmapuddy (coach)

Complexity plays with JUGi at cs_summit 7

JUGi plays as a substitute for coL with cs_summit 7

Poizon's health problems do not stop, because of this Complexity is forced to play with a substitute at the next championships.

JUGi helped coL at BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020, but two defeats and the team finished the tournament in 7-8th place.

At cs_summit 7, Complexity started with a defeat to fnatic, and their decisive match with Dignitas to leave the tournament will take place on January 27 at 14:00 CET.

Complexity roster on cs_summit 7:

- blameF
- k0nfig
- jks
- JUGi

Apeks has completed the roster with three players from Sweden

dennis from the original Apeks lineup

The Norwegian organization Apeks was able to complete the roster after jkaem left. The club targets ESEA Premier: 36 and Snow Sweet Snow. Grusarn and dennis were joined by FREDDyFROG, Relaxa, and kreaz, who served as a temporary replacement for Gen.G.

It is important to note that at the domestic Telialigaen championship, the Apeks will have to play with a different squad due to the championship rules. This is just one tournament.

Roster Apeks:

- Grusarn
- dennis
- Relaxa
- kreaz

Roster Apeks on domestic Telialigaen:

- Grusarn
- dennis
- Nasty
- Macelious
- FREDDyFROG (possible replacement)

x6tence disbanded Danish squad

The logo of the spanish organization x6tence

The Spanish organization decided to go back to basics and look for talent in their region. The roster was signed in June 2020, it passed to cs_summit 6, where it took 13-16 place, then a series of failed qualifiers and the organization decided to disband the roster.

Former squad x6tence:

- mertz
- Queenix
- zEVES (coach)

Now there is the cs_summit 7 championship, where some teams play with substitutions. More information about the championship can be found here.