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May 24th, 2021

Top 7 Best Moments of the Mid-Season Invitational 2021

Doublekill by Maple

PSG Talon's midleader, Maple, is not afraid of diving under the tower, he is ready to help his tower take the opponent. This is why you need to know your champion's limits!

Solokill by Armut

Armut surprises with its pool again. This time Lee Sin is in the top, which in the hands of an experienced Turk simply destroys the opponent's Camilla: instant reaction and speed of movement.

Backdoor from paiN Gaming

The Brazilian team caused a lot of problems for the Lions. Thanks to a miracle, the MAD Lions inhibitor recovers and saves the team from Europe from defeat.

Insane combo from DAMWON KIA

Yasuo in mid and Diana in the jungle? Is this really MSI, not my solo queue? The world champions show how to win the League of Legends with two buttons.

Pentakill by Ghost

Although the Koreans did not manage to win the final, their game was full of beautiful moments. That only is Pentakill on the 4th map. We count to five with Ghost.

Triplekill by Doggo

Doggo, despite the fact that he was a replacement, shone in the PSG Talon. The Pacific Rim team gives the Royal Never Give Up fight, and the fearless ADC earns a triple kill!

Intense teamfight from DAMWON KIA and MAD Lions

The new kings of Europe showed DWG that they must be reckoned with. By correctly distributing resources, they manage to take the fight in their favor.


Those were the best moments of the Mid-Season Invitational 2021. The tournament turned out to be rich in drama and beautiful moments. Hopefully we will see all the participating teams at Worlds 2021.

The season will resume on June 4th. Summer split is already on the doorstep, follow the news on the event page!