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March 18th, 2021

Top 6 highlights from the LEC group stage

On March 26, Fnatic and SK Gaming will open the LEC playoffs with a battle in the lower bracket. For the first time in a year, teams will play from the studio, and our editors are eagerly awaiting the return of the teams to the screens, but before that we suggest you refresh your memory of the best clips of the group stage.

6th place: Pentakill by WhiteKnight

5 kills in one fight from one champion is quite a rarity, and even more so in the professional league, but WhiteKnight on Renekton was able to please all viewers at the end of the season and made Pentakill in the match against Vitality.

5th place: Backdoor from FC Schalke 04

Match for the last slot in the playoffs: Excel Esports vs FC Schalke 04. Losing during the match XL decides to take a desperate step and go to Baron Nashor, leaving the base unprotected. Nocturne and Gankplank try to end the game while the rest of the team, at the cost of their lives, try to prevent XL from returning to base.

4th place: Triplekill by Odoamne

Fnatic got lost and found themselves under the opponent's T3 on the 12th minute. Odoamne on Gnar does not forgive such mistakes: a gorgeous procast and three Fnatic champions await a respawn.

3rd place: HiRit vs Duo from Fnatic

Gnar also occupies the third line of our top. This time, Misfits Gaming's HiRit is mastering his resources to avoid death and help the tower kill two enemy champions.

2nd place: Doublekill from MagiFelix

First match for MagiFelix in the big league. Many people cannot immediately fit into the team and feel insecure in front of the grands, but Felix proves that this is not about him. Taking the initiative, Astralis mid lane in Corky makes 2 minuses on mid lane and topper.

1st Place: Epic Combo from G2

G2 matches against Fnatic always become the center of attention and for good reason. During the second face-to-face meeting this season, the teams surprised us not only with non-standard picks, but also with a beautiful game. An incredible combo from G2 cemented their advantage on the map and allowed them to take revenge for the first match.


The group stage turned out to be hot. We hope that the teams will not let us down and we will see the continuation of the stubborn struggle for the European title and a ticket to MSI.

You can follow the playoff stage of the championship on the event page.