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May 5th, 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Watch the Mid-Season Invitational

Is DAMWON KIA still on top?

The 2020 world champions show incredible results: in the spring split, the team lost only 10 maps, while winning 39. The Koreans were one of the first to come to Reykjavik and started playing rating matches on the European server. Canyon managed to take the challenger rank in 64 games, and his teammates are also in high places. The players express their confidence in the excellent result in this tournament and so far there is no reason to doubt that they will not be able to win the trophy.

Cloud9 must return America to its former greatness



The North American region has long been considered the weakest of the Big Four. The thing is that teams constantly make the stupidest mistakes in drafts and in the game, the players themselves try to compete in eloquence on Twitter, and not in the Rift, but Cloud9 with PerkZ have a chance to prove that it is too early to write off their region.

The team did almost everything in the group stage. They literally could pick whatever they wanted and no team, except Team Liquid, could punish them for it. In the split finals on map 5, C9 made a very desperate move that eventually helped them win the title.

The C9 has potential and it will be a shame if they don't realize it. PerkZ has already said in an interview that they are confident in their abilities and can even beat DAMWON KIA. Let's see where such statements lead.

Did MAD Lions deservedly win?

MAD Lions - winners of LEC Spring Split 2021

MAD Lions - winners of LEC Spring Split 2021

The final of LEC Spring Split 2021 left behind many questions and one of them: are MAD Lions really that strong? They showed an unusual style of play at home, but had very little experience in the international arena, which can be bad for the results. Players are almost invisible in matches against other professionals on the European server, which adds even more intrigue.

Unicorns of Love: Was ADC a Problem?

Over the past six months, UOL have changed 2 players from the ADC position. First, Gadget left the team, without waiting for the re-signing of the contract, and then the young Frenchman Frappii sat on the bench. In his place in the middle of the split, Lodik came and the team's results immediately went uphill. Many fans began to worry about the shape of the Unicorns, but the gorgeous performance in the playoffs instilled hope in the hearts of fans from the CIS. Will UOL be able to show their real strength, or will they stumble on the most important moment again?

Royal Never Give Up: A Quest For Second MSI Title

RNG - MSI 2018 Winners

RNG - MSI 2018 Winners

RNG already won the Mid-Season Invitational in 2018, when they were the main contenders for the trophy along with KING-ZONE DragonX, whom they beat in the grand final. Since that time, the level of teams in other regions has grown significantly, besides, DAMWON KIA shows unrealistic results. The Chinese will definitely not have an easy walk for a trophy, but will they be able to get it no matter what?


MSI will give us a lot of different emotions, we are sure of this, it's just a small matter: watch matches on the event page and root for your favorite teams!

See you at the Rift!