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December 28th, 2020

Top 10 highlights of 2020 from uWatch

A lot of holidays, 2020 is coming to an end, and we invite you to enjoy the best moments of the outgoing year performed by ZyWOo, s1mple, NBK and many others. Especially for you, we have compiled the top 10 highlights, the frags are simply stunning, and the reaction is at an exorbitant level.

Top 10 best moments of 2020 according to uWatch:

10th place: VINI 1 vs 4 against OG at BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Finals

The Brazilian managed to get to "A", set the bomb and took the position "in between". This allowed him to shoot two in the jungle and exiting from CT, the latter fell from him from the pit

9th place: "-4" from Twistzz against Evil Geniuses at ESL Pro League Season 12

An incredible reaction, a guy in the mid lane and a tip for three in the pit. 4 headshots from a Canadian player per round. By the way, he is now without a team and, it seems, is in talks with FaZe Clan. The moment is truly incredible!

8th place: 5 headshots from NBK vs BIG at IEM: New York 2020

Going short, NBK finds the first frag, puts a bomb on "A", and catches an opponent in CT on a fake. After that, thanks to an excellent reaction, he shoots two at the bombsite, the latter came from a length, but the Frenchman was on the courage.

7th place: 5 headshots from misutaaa vs fnatic at DreamHack Open: Fall 2020

4 bullets - 4 headshots. Amazing moment of French player taking ramps against fnatic. This is a must see!

6th place: s1mple makes "-3" against MAD Lions at IEM: Beijing 2020

How could we have missed s1mple and his P250 in 2020. The most difficult clutch performed by Alexander against the MAD Lions players, he went through the top one, took two players by surprise, and gave the last one the coolest guy.

5th place: "-4" performed by TeSeS against Vitality at DreamHack Open: Fall 2020

"Sat down clamped - showed the skill." The Danish player did not release the French on "A", an amazing four frags from him from the jung.

4th place: s1mple makes "-4" against Heroic at ESL Pro League Season 12

How can it be s1mple without AWP in our rating. Excellent shooting from Sasha at the reception of ramps, he managed to hit two opponents with one cartridge, shoot cadiaN on reaction, and shoot niko on the street.

3rd place: ZywOo and his AWP against Astralis at IEM: Global Challenge 2020

As much as I would not like to hype s1mple, but this year ZywOo was simply incredible! Just take a look at this moment against Astralis, and especially how he shot the last Magisk near the rise.

2nd place: ZywOo and his Desert Eagle vs. fnatic at DreamHack Open: Fall 2020

Just a genius! 5 headshots from ZywOo's Deagle against fnatic on the connector exit.

TOP-1 and 1-place: ZyWOo destroys NAVI in the final of IEM: Beijing 2020

Words are clearly superfluous here, this pistol round will be dreaming of NAVI players for a long time!