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April 11th, 2021

TL qualified for the LCS Spring Split 2021 Playoffs Grand Final

The first map began calmly: the teams exchanged towers and continued to farm until the 17th minute, until the TSM botlane was trapped. Then the teams continued to push at different ends of the map, and on the 22nd minute Liquid wanted to take Baron Nashor, but their plans were interrupted by Hekarim and stole the buff. This helped TSM, even without kills, to seize the initiative on the map. After 4th dragon, Team Liquid make a mistake and TSM took 2 kills and 2 inhibitors, but Jensen and his team managed to hold out. At the 37th minute, Alphari gives out a wonderful ult on three champions and Team Liquid ends the game in their favor.

The second map started with a double kill for TSM's botlane, and the advantage was consolidated after a mid-gank from Gragas and Lillia. On the 19th minute, Team Liquid lost 5 towers and lost 7.4 thousand gold, but after 2 minutes they manage to make 3 kills. On the 27th minute, Team Liquid again made a successful exchange and took Baron Nashor. Thanks to the buff, they manage to equalize in gold, and after 7 minutes they win a map.

On the 4th minute of the third map, TSM manages to earn 2 kills, but they completely fail on the bot and Varus earns a doublekill. On the 14th minute, Team Liquid took 2 dragons and led about a thousand in gold, but after 4 minutes TSM equalized the position on the map. They manage to take Baron Nashor without a fight, and together with his buff 2 towers. After another couple of minutes, TSM end the game in their favor, taking the entire enemy team.

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The last map started extremely badly for TSM: first, Armao stole the dragon right from Udyr, and then Team Liquid took 3 TSM champions. At the 14th minute, the game for TSM practically ends: Sion takes Jinx, and her team cannot avenge the death of an ally and gives three more kills. The score is 10-0 in favor of Team Liquid. TSM lose the last map in 19 minutes without making a kill.

3-1 for Team Liquid and they will face Cloud9 again in the spring split grand final. TSM came in third and earned $30,000 in prize money.

Watch the Cloud9 vs Team Liquid Grand Final today at 22:00 CET on the event page.