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April 7th, 2021

"They've got a rat in!" GeneraL about kick from NAVI

Victor GeneraL Nigrini on his Instagram spoke in detail about the kick from NAVI. He was "shaved into a rat" after Roman RAMZES666 Kushnarev wrote to the NAVI players and they thought the team would be better this way.

GeneraL notes that iceberg did not participate in this and, it seems, they also wanted to exclude him. Most likely, NAVI planned to sign not only RAMZES666, but also No[O]ne.

Vitya was kicked behind his back, although when signing a contract with NAVI, all players promised to play with each other at The International and under no circumstances leave the team or kick someone. Probably ALWAYSWANNAFLY, RodjeR, V-Tune and Mag participated in the elimination of the player.

GeneraL announced that he is missing the second DPC season and will hope for reshuffles before The International.

Captain Natus Vincere Andrey ALWAYSWANNAFLY Bondarenko in his Telegram channel promised to launch the stream today at about 20:00 CET and explain the situation.

Current roster NAVI

  • Alik V-Tune Vorobey (carry)
  • Bogdan iceberg Vasilenko (mid)
  • Roman RAMZES666 Kushnarev (offlane)
  • Vladimir RodjeR Nikoghosyan (support-four)
  • Andrey ALWAYSWANNAFLY Bondarenko (support-five)