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May 2nd, 2021

The star lineup of the Poles could not live up to expectations

Polish organisation illuminar Gaming have announced on Twitter that they have terminated the contracts of all CS:GO squad players except for coach Jędrzej Bogdan Rokita.


illuminar champions of the Games Clash Masters 2019

Illuminar signed their first successful roster in 2019, then including innocent, STOMP, mono, oskarish and reatz. In a short period of time, team managed to achieve the title of Poland's best team and participate in many European Tir-2 tournaments. At the beginning of 2020 results of the team worsened and all players were already transferred by the end of the year. In February 2021, illuminar Gaming announced their return to CS:GO by signing the Polish stars. In all their time playing together, team has never managed to rise above 50th place on the list of the world's best teams.


Piotr morelz Taterka

The last tournament under the illuminar banner for the players was qualifying for Flashpoint 3, where they finished in 9th-16th place.

Roster ex-illuminar Gaming:

  • GruBy
  • Sidney
  • mouz
  • Markos
  • morelz