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April 1st, 2021

The six-player model has begun to embrace Valorant

TSM have announced on Twitter that Braxton brax Pierce is joining the team. He thus becomes the sixth Valorant roster player.


brax joins TSM

Braxton left his previous T1 team in February 2021. He represented the team from May 2020 and managed to become champion in a number of regional tournaments. brax is scandalously notorious after an incident in which he and his team, IBUYPOWER, made matchfixing in CS:GO. Subsequently, all IBUYPOWER players, except Skadoodle, received a lifetime ban from Valve tournaments.


Braxton brax Pierce

The organisation has not announced who brax will be replacing and when. What is clear is that he will most likely have to move to another hero, as TSM already has a stable player on Jett.

TSM roster:

  • hazed
  • reltuC
  • Wardell
  • Subroza
  • drone
  • brax
  • Tailored (coach)