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June 7th, 2021

"The resumption of the season" - Week at Summoner's Rift

Hello everyone! We come back to you with another portion of news. The summer split has begun, the teams are making the last changes, and America has already played the first week, but first things first.

LoL Championship Series

The organizers of the LCS decided to change the format: the teams keep the score and places received after the spring split, and according to the results of the summer split, three teams will be determined that will go to Worlds. This will save teams from playing extra games in regional finals and give them extra time to prepare for opponents from other regions.

Cloud9 started the split with stats 1-2 and dropped to 2nd place. TSM managed to overtake C9, they, in turn, finished the opening week flawlessly and now lead the standings.

EG lost their place in the top 6: the replacement in the person of Danny has not yet brought the desired results, but only aggravated the position of the team.

Broxah and Finn did not help CLG to win 6 of the season and it looks like these two talents from Europe will change the team, since the opportunity to reach the playoffs is extremely small.

LCS standings

LCS standings

League News

FC Schalke 04 leave League of Legends

FC Schalke 04 will apparently be forced to sell their slot in the LEC. Based on the material from the Twitter reporter of the BILD newspaper, the organization has accumulated a lot of debt and they want to sell their slot for 30 million euros, while S04 will receive 22 million in profit from this deal.

We hope that the team will be able to solve their problems without such drastic measures and we will see them on our screens again.

Major TSM contract

TSM has signed a major sponsorship deal with cryptocurrency exchange FTX worth $210 million. From now on, the organization will be called "TSM FTX", but Riot Games has banned the use of this name, as well as the inscriptions on T-shirts on the broadcasts of their games (League of Legends and VALORANT).

Tweet from TSM about signing a sponsorship agreement

Tweet from TSM about signing a sponsorship agreement

Coupled with a great start in the summer split, this is great news for the organization. Hope to see the team at Worlds.

Gadget's disease

Gadget reported in his VKontakte group that he had contracted coronavirus. Rueves has already replaced him in games, but this has a strong effect on the results of mousesports, since the main role of the substitute player is top, not ADC.

We wish the Russian legionnaire good luck and a speedy recovery!

Patch 11.12

The developers have posted a preview of the next update. Of the significant changes:

  • Draven will be enhanced the damage of Q skill;
  • Jarvan VI will have their cooldown reduced by W;
  • Wukong will receive less attack power with the level;
  • Aphelios will receive a significant increase in damage, as well as magic resistance;
  • Renekton will heal less from his Q skill.

The full list of the upcoming patch can be found on the developer's twitter.

Shad0w conquers China

Former MAD Lions jungler Shad0w joined LGD Gaming. He will be the only representative of Europe in the Chinese league.

Announcement from LGD Gaming

Announcement from LGD Gaming

We hope that the newly minted jungler will help the team qualify for Worlds and will not lose face.


That was all the news for the past week. Games in Korea and China will start very soon, and Europe will start its journey this weekend. Follow the latest news on the event page and bet on matches along with our predictions.

See you at Summoner's Rift!