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June 1st, 2021

"The Calm Before the Storm" - A Week at Summoner's Rift

We are coming  back to you with a new digest! MSI 2021 has come to the end, which means that there has been the calm in the competitive League of Legends before the summer split.

Today we will recall the best news of the League, as well as consider another batch of reshuffles.

League News

The main news of the last week was Doctor Mundo's rework. This champion is one of the oldest and his skill set has gone out of style and has been rewarded with new abilities from Riot Games.

In addition to the abilities, the appearance of the champion was also updated: now Mundo looks attractive in a modern way.

The PROJECT 2021 event has started in the game client. Within its framework, you will be able to purchase new looks for Senna, Renekton, Sylas, Sejuani, Varus and Mordekaiser. Sylas received the prestigious version of the skin.

Prestigious version of the skin

Prestige version of the PROJECT: Sylas skin

One of the users of the reddit faced a problem: the game forced the summoner’s spell "Smite" to be taken. In the video he shows that he cannot replace it with anything else.

In the thread the player received support, and many other players also reported that they also encountered a similar bug.

Reshuffles and replacements

Large-scale changes have affected SK Gaming: TynX is leaving the team, and the team's support Treatz will take on  the role of the jungler. To compensate for the loss, coach Jesiz will temporarily play the missing role.

Tweet from SK Gaming: they are announcing a few changes to their #LEC Roster for the 2021 Summer Split

Tweet from SK Gaming: they are announcing a few changes to their #LEC Roster for the 2021 Summer Split

Unexpected changes took place at Cloud9: Zven moved to the academy, and K1ng took his place. The team’s coach, Reignover, and the assistant coach, Mithy, have reversed roles.

Tweet from Cloud9 about replacements in the team’s roster

Tweet from Cloud9 about replacements in the team’s roster

Lodik left Unicorns of Love. In his post, Stanislav said that he couldn’t afford to perform in the Summer Split without a sufficient level of training. UOL reports that it will soon be known who will replace the ADC of the roster.

Hello everyone!

It's time to break the radio silence and report that I have decided not to take part in the summer split. At the moment, I have no moral right to approach the season in a form that does not meet my standards. Of course, it's great to give yourself some indulgence and say, “Well, as the split progresses, I'll definitely get better! There is still time. " Every player who performs on any professional stage is obliged to strive for improvement and maximum dedication.

You can't even imagine how disgusting it feels to a person who cannot do their job the way they should. MSI was the culmination of my own self-loathing. It is incredibly painful for me to realize that the current situation during the split led to such a sad individual and team result.

Dear fans, everyone who has followed me over the course of these 5 years, 4 international tournaments and 8 splits  both in the Candidates and Continental League. I want to thank you for all the support you have given me all this time.

I would like to ask the fans of the UOL organization to continue supporting the guys, they are great and really did their best.

It is disgusting to realize that you did everything in your power, but this current maximum was not enough.

Goodbye my dear friends.

Stanislav Lodik Kornelyuk’s official page in VK


That was all the news for the last week. Even if it was not so busy, the news was powerful.

There is less and less time left before the start of the Summer Split. Follow the news and reshuffles on the event page, and bet along with our predictions for the best matches.

See you at Summoner’s Rift!