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January 21st, 2021

The best player of 2020 according to HLTV is known - ZyWOo

The authoritative portal HLTV.org named the best player in 2020 in their opinion. Mathieu ZyWOo Erbo from Vitality turned out to be higher than Alexander s1mple Kostylev in a number of indicators and naturally took the first line.

ZyWOo vs s1mple for player #1 by HLTV

From January 1 to January 20, the portal published the top 20 best players of 2020 based on statistics, as well as online and LAN performances.

Thus, the rating looks like this:

1st place: Mathieu ZyWOo Erbot from Vitality
2nd place: s1mple from Natus Vincere
3rd place: device from Astralis
4th place: NiKo from G2 Esports
5th place: electronic from Natus Vincere
6th place: blameF from complexity
7th place: ropz from mousesports
8th place: EliGE from Team Liquid
9th place: dupreeh from Astralis
10th place: syrsoN from BIG
11th place: Magisk from Astralis
12th place: stavn from Heroic
13th place: huNter from G2 Esports
14th place: yuurih from FURIA Esports
15th place: Brollan from fnatic
16th place: HEN1 (free agent)
17th place: KRIMZ from fnatic
18th place: KSCERATO from FURIA Esports
19th place: jks from Complexity
20th place: Brehze from Evil Geniuses