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May 9th, 2021

Thai Esports organisation NG ceases operations

Representatives of the Asian organisation NG Esport have announced that they are discontinuing their activities. This decision was taken due to a lack of finances. The club owner Samakorn Mahawong, who had been involved in fraud, also contributed to this, which caused the organisation to be turned away from its sponsors. It is already known that the players and coach will continue to play together.


NG has ceased operations

The first NG Esport player was ImpressioN, whose signing was announced in September 2020. In October joined the team XigN, cbbk and erkaSt. In January 2021 the roster was completed by xccurate, who is one of the famous Asian players. Roster sat in the shadows for a long time, taking part only in obscure regional tournaments. In March, they won the 5E Arena Open Season 1: Southeast Asia tournament and earned a slot at Funspark ULTI 2021: Asia Season 1. NG then failed to qualify for the Asian RMR twice, losing to weaker teams. 

Roster ex-NG Esport:

  • ImpressioN
  • XigN
  • cbbk
  • erkaSt
  • xccurate
  • MYM (coach)