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April 6th, 2021

TES beat Suning at LPL Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

The first map gave all viewers a 43-minute intense game. Despite the 3K gold advantage that lasted throughout the entire game, TES could not finish the game and lost in initiative. Zilean on mid was doing too much good for Hecarim and Jinx. Suning made a mistake on the first baron and 3rd dragon, which did not allow them to open an score in this meeting, but this was not critical. Bin's mistake when entering the high ground became much more critical. Renekton went too far, and his team was unable to support the efforts of the team top. TES picks up the first card.

The second map was not inferior in terms of the intensity of passions to the first: Suning were leading the whole game, but they completely forgot about neutral objects. At the 36th minute, Suning decide to take Baron Nashor, but Top Esports prevent them from doing so and kill Hekarim, who was looking for an opportunity to break in. Top Esports take the Infernal Soul, the Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor, but are led to Renekton, which is why they fall under the most powerful engage from Suning.

Angel instantly gives Teleport to the top and ends the map with teammates in her favor.

On the third map, something unimaginable happened to Suning. The team played terribly in micro and macro, each of the team members constantly connected to unnecessary fights in the minority. 6k advantage at 8 minutes and 0 chances for a comeback from Suning. TES finished the game in 19 minutes.

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Despite the lost draft on the fourth map, Suning desperately resisted and even led, but too mobile Tristana and tank magician Sylas did not allow the finalists of last year's Worlds to bring the meeting to the decisive map.

3-1 for Top Esports. They advance to the first round of the Upper Bracket and face EDward Gaming on April 8th. Suning ranked 5th-6th and earned $30,456 in prize money as well as 20 Worlds Regional Qualifier Points.

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