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January 31st, 2021

Team Spirit wins DreamHack Open January 2021 Europe

Team Spirit confidently dealt with FunPlus.Phoenix and became champions of the DreamHack Open January 2021. The spirits earned $35,000, and the Phoenixes were content with $15,000.

Team Spirit's path to the championship was not easy. First, they beat forZe in the group, lost to Gambit Esports, and then won against Sprout.

Team Spirit in the new roster won the DreamHack

In the playoffs Team Spirit turned out to be stronger than BIG (2:1 in maps), and in the final they took out FunPlus.Phoenix - 3:0.

Team Spirit [16:7] FunPlus.Phoenix @ Dust 2
Team Spirit [16:6] FunPlus.Phoenix @ Nuke
Team Spirit [16:8] FunPlus.Phoenix @ Mirage

It is noteworthy that before this tournament, Team Spirit announced changes in the roster. Instead of iDISBALANCE, degster now plays for the Spirits.

Prize fund distribution:

1st place: Team Spirit - $35,000
2nd place: FunPlus.Phoenix - $15,000
3-4th place: BIG and Gambit Esports - $6,000 each
5th-6th place: Evil Geniuses and Sprout -  $2,500 each
7th-8th place: HellRaisers and forZe - $1,500 each

Roster Team Spirit: 

- somedieyoung
- chopper
- mir
- magixx
- degster