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June 2nd, 2021

Team Spirit are the champions of the Pinnacle Cup!

A serious struggle unfolded immediately from the first map. Despite the early domination from Team Spirit, Winstrike managed to pick up the keys to their opponents and turn the game in their favor at the 29th minute.

Despite the almost equal kill score, Team Spirit surrendered at 37 minutes.

On the second map, viewers could watch a symphony of comebacks: the initiative passed from hand to hand 5 times. The fight at the 29th minute became the key one: Winstrke spent two Ravages in one Templar Assassin without killing her. It was not difficult for Team Spirit to turn the fight and play in their favor.

On the third map, Winstrike surprised their opponents with a Bristleback pick for the first position. Dyrachyo performed perfectly on his hero, leaving Team Spirit no chance. 2-1 for Winstrike in 28 minutes.

The fourth map, Team Spirit, was skillfully pulled into late. They lagged behind by 7 thousand in gold by 23 minutes, nevertheless, they competently dodged fights, thanks to which Yatoro was able to win even against Sven on Phantom Lancer.

Having entered the decisive map of the confrontation, Team Spirit skated through their opponents. 42-9 on the last map and 3-2 in favor of TORONTOTOKYO and company.

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Winstrike Team




Team Spirit win the Pinnacle Cup and earn $50,000 in prize money. Winstrike came in second and received $30,000.

Not a bad amount for Team Spirit, but very soon they will be able to get a lot more! Follow the CIS team on WePlay Animajor.