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November 1st, 2020

Team Liquid - champions ESL One: Germany Online 2020

Team Liquid defeated Natus Vincere and became the champions of ESL One: Germany Online 2020. In the final, the Liquid defeated Na`VI with a score of 3:1 by maps.

The group stage for Team Liquid went quite easily, at first they outplayed mudgolems (2:0), NAVI (2:1) and 5men (2:0), but they failed to cope with Team Secret.

The playoffs for the Liquid was several times more difficult, at first they lost to mudgolems, but then they got together and beat Nigma (2:1), Vikin.gg (2:0), unexpectedly celebrated the victory over Team Secret (2:0), and in the final they dealt with NAVI.

Aiden iNSaNiA Sarkoi, the 5th position support of Team Liquid, was named the best player of the ESL One: Germany Online 2020 tournament. Thanks to this, he will become the owner of the Mercedes-Benz purchase certificate.

Prize fund distribution:

1st place: Team Liquid - $150,000
2nd place: Natus Vincere - $80,000
3rd place: mudgolems - $45,000
4th place: Team Secret - $25,000
5th-6th place: Vikin.gg / Alliance - $15,500 each
7th-8th place: Team Nigma / OG - $12,000 each
9th-11th place: Yellow Submarine / 5men / Ninjas in Pajamas - $7,500 each
12-14th place: Winstrike / HellRaisers / Cyber ​​Legacy - $5,500 each
15-16th place: EXTREMUM / Tempo Esports - $3,500 each

Team Liquid roster:

Mike miCKe Nguyen
Max qojqva Broke
Samuel Boxi Swann
Tommy Taiga Leah
Ayden iNSaNiA Sarkoi