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May 12th, 2021

Team Bundles, Year without Battle Pass and dates for TI10

Teams bundles

Valve decided to release team bundles gradually, now there are 17 sets in the game to support the following teams: Virtus.pro, Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, Team Liquid, Team Unique, Team Empire, Team Spirit, HellRaisers, NoTechies, Arkosh Gaming, Nigma, simply TOOBASED, Quincy Crew, Latam Defenders, beastcoast, Alliance and Team Aster.

The essence of the bundles is that it allows you to support your favorite team, there are three levels in total, bronze (with a badge), silver (with graffiti and emoticons) and gold (loading screens, player phrases and a special badge). Interestingly, the Gold Pack is $20, but it will disappear at the end of the DPC season. For example, buying the current bundle of one of the teams, it will be relevant until the end of the second Major.

Teams Bundless

Valve announced dates for The International 2021 and refused the Battle Pass

This year, without a Battle Pass, but with two events. The company decided not to introduce the Battle Pass and a bunch of in-game content for it, but to do it gradually. Based on experience with Diretide and recent update for new players.

- The first event will be in mid-June

- The second event will be "sometime after The International 2021"

Dates for The International 2021 announced

Dates for The International 2021 announced

The details of The International 2021 are finally revealed, with the $40 million championship taking place from August 5-15, and the venue will remain unchanged in Stockholm, Sweden.

- The group stage will take place from 5 to 8 August

- From 10 to 15 August - playoffs

While there is no information about the audience, Valve is monitoring the epidemiological situation in the world and will announce more details in June.

Of the minuses: we still have a question with the second Major of the season, which will presumably be in Kiev, there is no exact information on the release of the bundles of the following teams (after all, it was possible to shove NAVI and the winners of the first Major iG into the first wave), and we are also looking forward to Arcane on Spectre. Most likely, it will be together with the first event!