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April 1st, 2021

T1 wins DRX at LCK Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

On the first DRX map, Zoe was taken to prevent Faker from giving her, but this did not help to avoid defeat: Teddy took revenge for stealing the champion by making a quadrakill on Kai'Sa.

Next, Faker's team made a mistake in the draft: not banning Seraphine on the blue side, they did not take her first pick and immediately took advantage of DRX. Despite Cuzz's sniper spears, T1 was unable to flip the map.

On the third map of the match, Faker picked up one of his hidden signatures, Twisted Fate. The Bilgewater gambler made a tremendous contribution to the victory and earned Faker the MVP of the match.

The last map was a macro failure for DRX. The team gave away all 4 dragons without taking any. Also, Canna surprised everyone by taking Akali to the top. The unexpected pick worked perfectly and T1 took the victory in this match.

T1 will play against Gen.G in the semi-finals. Follow the spring split playoff events on the event page.