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March 18th, 2021

"Surpassed the Gods" - History of the Samsung Galaxy Team

What do you know about Samsung? This is a South Korean group of companies that is known for the production of equipment and high technology, and it is also a sponsor of T1, but back in 2016 they were the most sworn enemies. If you have a lot of questions, then don't worry: now we will tell you the story of one of the greatest teams - Samsung Galaxy.

Team Foundation

The history of the organization begins with Starcraft. Back then, Samsung Khan in September 2013 decided that they needed to expand and, taking both MVP rosters under their wing, opened the League Of Legends direction. They renamed themselves "Samsung Galaxy Pro-Game Team" and already in the first tournament under the Samsung banner, both teams had to face SKT T1 K.

First tournaments

Samsung Blue

Samsung Blue

The 2013-2014 winter split was a test of strength for the two trains. Samsung Blue fell ahead of SKT T1 K in the quarterfinals to take 5th place, while Samsung Ozone faced Faker's team in the split finals, where they also lost. From that time on, a confrontation arose, which will subsequently be followed by the whole world.

In the spring, both teams also successfully overcame the group stage barrier and met in the semifinals. The head-to-head duel showed that the Blue squad is stronger, and it was they who went to play the final against Najin White Shield. Samsung Ozone managed to beat CJ Entus Blaze in the match for third place, while Samsung Blue won the split.

Samsung White

Samsung White

In the summer, Samsung Ozone changed its name to Samsung White. The two squads met again in the split semi-finals and the Blue squad won again. Samsung White managed to beat SKT T1 S in the match for third place, while Samsung Blue lost to KT Rolster Arrows in a bitter struggle, but this was not particularly important, since both teams qualified for the Worlds.

First successes

Both teams came to the world championship as the favorites of the tournament. Samsung Blue got into the group with OMG, LMQ and Fnatic. After losing just one map, they went straight to the quarterfinals from first place. White's roster got a much more difficult group: EDward Gaming, ahq e-Sports Club and Dark Passage, but they managed to finish the group stage without defeat.

Samsung White at World Championship 2014

Samsung White at World Championship 2014

In the quarter-finals, teams from North America fell into two lineups: TSM and Cloud9. Both teams made it to the semifinals without any problems, where for the third time in a row in three tournaments they were caught against each other. A stubborn struggle did not work, White's roster turned out to be head and shoulders above Samsung Blue and advanced to the Worlds finals.

In the last match of the tournament, they were opposed by the Star Horn Royal Club. The Chinese stubbornly resisted, but it was not destined to give a comeback from the score 0-2. Samsung White became World Champions 2014 and Samsung Blue took 3rd place. We invite you to get acquainted with the best moments of the final map of the final and the awards ceremony.

Change for the Worst

As many remember from the history of the SKT T1 team, Riot Games has been banned from having more than one roster in the league since 2015, and if you look at the list of teams participating in the 2014 summer split, you can understand that this decision put the whole of Korea on the ears.

List of teams participating in Champions Summer 2014

List of teams participating in Champions Summer 2014

The players of both rosters did not like this change and all 10 people went to play in the Chinese league. The management was faced with the task of recruiting a new roster that would correspond to the champion's ambitions of the past two and, unfortunately, they did not succeed.

Samsung Galaxy lineup in 2015:

  • CuVee
  • Eve
  • BlisS
  • Ace
  • Fury
  • Wraith

The roster finished last in the spring, winning 2 games out of 14, but the organization decided not to make major changes before the summer split. We limited ourselves to the fact that Ace was replaced by Crown and a second support appeared - Luna. These replacements also did not bear fruit, and after finishing in 7th place in the summer, Samsung Galaxy set off to prepare for next year.

Not perfect, but good

In 2016, Eve, BlisS, Fury and Luna left the roster and were replaced by Ambition, CoreJJ and Stitch. Also two coaches joined the team: Edgar and Kim Jung-Su.

Samsung White in 2016

Samsung White in 2016

In the spring split, the team took 6th place, losing to Afreeca Freecs in terms of the difference in maps, and missed the chance to play in the playoffs. Gradually improving the results, Samsung Galaxy was able to overcome the group stage in the summer and take 4th place. The total of the points scored in 2016 allowed the team to participate in the regional qualifiers for the World Championship.

Samsung Galaxy was separated from the trip to the Worlds by 2 games against Afreeca Freecs and KT Rolster. The squad coped with the task and became the third team from Korea at the world championship.

Art with the Samsung Galaxy team at the 2016 World Cup

Art with the Samsung Galaxy team at the 2016 World Cup

At the World Championship itself, the squad blossomed. Few believed in their success, because many believed that they got here by accident, but they proved that they were not. SSG got into the group for TSM, Royal Never Give Up and Splyce.

After finishing the group stage with a 5-1 record, the team made it to Cloud9 in the quarterfinals and beat them 3-0, as did H2K in the semifinals.

In the final they opposed by the formidable SKT T1 led by Faker. Samsung Galaxy started the streak with a score of 0-2, but caught up and brought everything to the decisive map.

SSG had the advantage for more than half of the game, but then made some unforgivable mistakes. SKT T1 took their chance and took the two older dragons to win the final and become three-time world champions.

Great triumph

After losing the final, the team decided not to make any line-up changes, and played two more tournaments at the end of 2016. At the KeSPA Cup, Samsung Galaxy managed to advance to the quarterfinals, where they were beaten by ESC Ever, and at IEM Season IX Gyeonggi, they took 1st place, beating Kongdoo Monsters in the final. It was a long-awaited success that gave fans hope for better times.

In the spring of 2017, KT Rolster was prevented from getting even for last year's final with SKT T1. They beat the Samsung Galaxy in the playoffs. In the summer, finishing in 3rd place in the group stage, SSG immediately made it to SKT T1 in the playoffs, and lost 0-3 miserably. Because of this defeat, they had to play regional qualifiers for the Worlds.

After beating Afreeca Freecs with some difficulty, Samsung Galaxy then defeated KT Rolster 3-0 and advanced to the World Championship for the second time in a row.

Samsung Galaxy at World Championship 2017

Samsung Galaxy at World Championship 2017

At the championship itself, SSG got into the group of G2 and RNG. Immediately 3 world grands from Europe, China and Korea staged a hot battle for two slots in the quarterfinals, from which our heroes managed to get out safe and sound.

It is worth saying that of all three teams from Korea, SSG was the least trusted. Longzhu Gaming won the summer split, beating SKT T1 sensationally in the final, while SKT themselves are three-time Worlds winners and simply "the undisputed best team in the world." Against the background of these two lineups, Samsung looked frankly weak for their region.

What a surprise it was when SSG swept Longzhu 3-0 in 106 minutes of net playing time, but many took it as a great success.

Next came Team WE, who, like the Samsung Galaxy themselves, came to the Worlds thanks to regional qualifiers. Having dealt one card at the very beginning, they closed the Chinese 3-1 and advanced to the final, where they were again awaited by SKT T1.

"The best team in the world" lasted 5 minutes longer than Longzhu. Samsung Galaxy made Faker cry and raised the Summoners Cup.

They managed to work their way from the last place in the region to the World Champions. Belief in their squad and constant training helped them become the best.


After winning the World Championship, the team took 3rd place at the KeSPA Cup 2017, and then the whole team was bought by the KSV organization. In 2018, they twice took 5th place in the Korean region and after a failure at the Worlds, they disbanded and went to other teams.

CuVee and Ambition became streamers in Gen.G, Haru played for SKT T1 and currently plays for Hanwha Life Esports, while CoreJJ and Crown left for America. Crown later retired as a professional gamer, and the Samsung Galaxy organization ceased to exist in November 2018.