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April 2nd, 2021

Suning left no chance for LNG at LPL Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

Suning is head and shoulders above the LNG in all respects, and because of this, they decided to experiment a little with the picks.

Irelia was picked to the top on the first map. Bin did an excellent job with his champion and in the decisive fight was able to cut out three enemy champions from a magnificent flank. Also, SofM at Nocturne made a big contribution to the victory on this map.

The second map saw the introduction of a champion that we hadn't seen before on the competitive scene this year. We are talking about Xin Zhao and, despite his great popularity as a topper, this time he played his usual role as a jungler. The tank build, coupled with mobility in fights, allowed Suning to overcome the unpleasant combination of Karma+Lulu, which gave a large amount of shields and heals.

The final map of this confrontation was held under the auspices of Kassadin. Abysswalker, due to a big LNG error, got too good starting acceleration and with Hecarim left no chance for a comeback.

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3-0 for Suning and they go to the 1/8 finals, where Team WE is already waiting for them. Follow the LPL playoffs on the event page.