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February 7th, 2021

Subtotals in DPC Divisions 2021: SEA, North and South America

As promised, we are summing up the interim results of the first divisions in the regions of Southeast Asia, North and South America.

Subtotals at PGL DPC 2021 (Southeast Asia): Neon Esports is the undisputed leader

Unexpectedly for many, Neon Esports are in good shape. In the league, they come with 4 wins and 0 losses. They are followed by fnatic with 2 wins and 1 loss.

Skem from Neon Esports

The 3-5th place is shared by TNC Predator and BOOM Esports. Vice Esports, 496 Gaming, Execration are close to the relegation zone.

Leaderboard PGL DPC 2021 after three weeks:

Team Win Loss
Neon Esports 4 0
Fnatic 2 1
TNC 2 2
T1 2 2
BOOM Esports 2 2
Vice Esports 1 2
496 Gaming 1 3
Execration 1 3

The PGL DPC 2021 among teams from Southeast Asia runs from January 20 to February 25 online. 8 teams will compete for 2 Major slots and 1 Wild Card slot. The prize fund of the event is $205,000 and 1150 Dota Pro Circuit points.


Subtotals at BTS DPC 2021 (North America): Quincy Crew, EG, and Undying in the top

Today at BTS DPC 2021, the third week ends with two matches. Leading the league: Quincy Crew, Evil Geniuses, Undying - they have 3 wins each and not a single defeat. They are followed by S A D B O Y S, 4 Zoomers and Black N Yellow were one step away from relegation (they have 1 victory and 2 losses).

Fly and Abed at Major by DreamLeague

5ManMidas and A-Team were in the relegation zone, they have not a single victory and 4 losses.

Leaderboard BTS DPC 2021 - 7 February: 

Team Win Loss
Quincy Crew 3 0
Evil Geniuses 3 0
Undying 3 0
S A D B O Y S 2 1
4 Zoomers 1 2
Black N Yellow 1 2
5ManMidas 0 4
A-Team 0 4

BTS DPC 2021 among teams from North America runs from January 19 to February 28. 8 teams play 2 slots for Major. The league prize pool is $205,000 and 1,150 DPC points.

Schedule BTS DPC 2021 for February 7-8:

21:00 CET: 4Zoomers против Black N Yellow @ BO3
00:00 CET: Evil Geniuses против Undying @ BO3

Subtotals at OGA DPC 2021 (South America): beastcoast - top1, followed by SG e-sports

Just yesterday, the third week in the first division among teams from South America ended and it's time to take stock. beastcoast are predictably the leaders, followed by SG e-sports with 3 wins and 1 loss.

K1 from Beastcoast

3-4 place is shared by Team Unknown and Thunder Predator with 2 wins and 2 losses.

NoPing e-sports, Infamous, Latam Defenders and EgoBoys were just a step away from relegation from the first division).

Leaderboard PGL DPC 2021 after three weeks:

Team Win Loss
beastcoast 4 0
SG e-sports 3 1
Team Unknown 2 2
Thunder Predator 2 2
NoPing e-sports 1 2
Infamous 1 2
Latam Defenders 1 3
EgoBoys 1 3

The OGA DPC 2021 for South American-teams runs from January 20 to February 26 online. 8 teams compete for $205,000 and 1,150 DPC points. 2 teams will qualify for the first Major of this season.

We will try to make a similar article about the second divisions in all regions in the near future. Follow the news and you won't miss anything!