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March 6th, 2021

"Stability is a sign of success" - The history of the Fnatic team

Hello everyone! Today we will once again plunge you into the maelstrom of the League's history and tell you about the history of one of the most stable teams of our time - Fnatic.

A grand start

Oddly enough, but the British organization began its path in the League of Legends with a victory at the very first World Championship.

Fnatic after winning the 2011 Worlds

Fnatic after winning the 2011 Worlds

At that time there were no huge prizes and cups. Judging by the photo, they were given a bottle of water instead. The meta was different, the game is still raw, not played by so many people, and the graphics were far from what we see today. Nevertheless, Fnatic were still World Champions, which so far their main rivals, G2, have not been able to do.


Then the composition looked like this:

  • Shushei
  • xPeke
  • Cyanide
  • LamiaZealot
  • Mellisan
  • MagicFingers (sub)

Following the World Cup came third place at IEM Colonge, and victory at IEM New York. Fnatic has become a big threat to teams from the east. However, things did not go on very smoothly.

First problems

With the growing popularity of the game, stronger players also came to it, which is why Fnatic was not able to maintain its dominance over the world next year. Failure at the IEM VI World Championship and 4-6 places at Dreamhack Summer 2012 and MLG Pro Circuit Anaheim forced the management to start experimenting with the roster, but this did not bring positive results either. The team did not qualify for the Worlds, giving way to CLG in the touriner. At those qualifications, the team played in the following composition:

  • sOAZ
  • Cyanide
  • LamiaZealot
  • xPeke
  • nRated

The organization did not give up on the roster and at the end of the year there were long-awaited victories at DreamHack Winter 2012 and Thor Open, and on December 16, Fnatic lost in the IEM VII Colonge final to future stars - SKT T1.


Dominance in Europe

Before the beginning of the year, there was a replacement on the support slot. nRated got into the replacement slot, and YellOwStaR took over the main slot.

In 2013, Riot Games took the competitive scene under their wing and created regional leagues. Fnatic successfully qualified for it and immediately became the best team in Europe, winning both the spring and summer split. Victory in the summer guaranteed them participation in the Worlds. The team took the honorable 3rd place on it.

Fnatic team in 2013

Fnatic team in 2013

At the end of the year, Puszu announced his retirement, and was replaced by a very young Rekkless. At the age of 17, he has already started his way to the top, and already in this split as part of G2 he leaves no chances for his opponents.

In 2014, the first misfire happened. In the final of the summer split, Alliance won quite unexpectedly for everyone. Perhaps this hit the team's morale a lot and after the defeat in the summer there was a failure at the Worlds. Fnatic are in the group with Samsung Blue, OMG and LMQ. The Europeans could not resist the onslaught of the Asian players and, taking the last place in the group, were eliminated.

Big changes

End-of-season results forced the organization to completely rethink the squad. Only Rekkless and YellOwStaR remained from the past roster. They were joined by Huni, Kektz, Reignover, Febiven and avenuee. ShLaYa became the second mid-lane replacement in the middle of the year.

The team has not dropped below 4th place in all championships this year. They also continued a glorious tradition and won both splits again. At the Worlds, they were again disappointed in the form of the Korean team KOO Tigers. In the semifinals, they lost 0:3 and again took 3rd place.


Fnatic in 2015

2016 started again with big line-up changes. Rekkless, Febiven and YellOwStaR were the backbone of the roster. They were joined by a topper - Kikis and a forester Spirit, but these five players turned out to be far from the best in the history of the organization.

A slight decline

Apparently such frequent changes had a bad effect on the teamwork. Although each of them was strong individually, they failed to play at the highest level this year. 3rd place in the spring split and 5-6 in the summer. Since they failed to win in the summer, or score the required points to qualify directly for the Worlds, they had to play the regional finals in which they lost to UOL before reaching the final.

At the end of the season, everyone except Rekkless left the roster. The Swede was accompanied by Danes Caps, Broxah, Jesiz, and sOAZ returned to the team. Thanks to the substitutions, Fnatic performed slightly better in season 7 and were able to qualify for the Worlds, where they again lost to the team from Asia. This time, their path ended at the quarterfinals stage: they lost 1:3 to the Chinese team Royal Never Give Up.

Best Year in Team History

Again the beginning of the year and again replacement. This time, the team was joined by Hylissang, Expect and Bwipo, who previously played in the Continental League for the RoX team. The setup of 3 toppers, oddly enough, led the team to success in 2018. The first place in the spring split allowed to perform at MSI.


Fnatic at MSI 2018

Fnatic at MSI 2018

Having passed the group stage "with a scratch", Fnatic faced RNG again. This time, the Chinese team did not let the European team take a card. However, the guys did not lose heart, but only tried harder to correct their mistakes. Thanks to this, they managed to win the summer split again and go to the finals of the Worlds.

Fnatic at the 2018 World Cup

Fnatic at the 2018 World Cup

Unfortunately, the hopes of all fans of the European region turned to collapse. Fnatic lost the final to Invictus Gaming with a score of 0:3. It should be noted that then, they lost only 4 maps, and 3 of them in the final against the Chinese team.

Present time

In 2019, Caps leaves for G2, hoping to create the strongest squad in Europe, capable of winning the Worlds against Asian teams. He is replaced by Nemesis, a young talent from the European Masters. In a short time, he starts to show a high level of play. 3rd place in the spring amid increased competition and loss of G2 in the final of the summer split is a good result.

FNC Nemesis and FNC Rekkless

FNC Nemesis and FNC Rekkless

In the quarterfinals of the Worlds, they lost to future champions - FunPlus Phoenix, who in the G2 final with Caps.

In 2020, amid a pandemic, they managed to take second place twice in the spring and summer. At the Worlds, the team and their fans were in for a major disappointment. Leading to the quarter-finals against Top Esports 2:0, they gave the Chinese team 3 maps in a row and were eliminated from the tournament.

FNC Bwipo and FNC Rekkless at the 2020 World Championship

FNC Bwipo and FNC Rekkless at the 2020 World Championship

It came as a surprise to many that Nemesis and Rekkless decided not to renew their contracts with the organization for the next season. Rekkless left for G2 and Nemesis became the streamer for Gen.G. They were replaced by Nisqy in mid and Upset in ADC.

Fnatic is currently ranked 5th in the LEC Spring Split.
You can follow the team's matches on the event page.

Fnatic's next matches:
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