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May 23rd, 2021

Royal Never Give Up - Mid-Season Invitational 2021 Champions!

The first map turned into a long and bloody battle. The initiative changed hands several times.

Ultimately, the fact that they managed to take 4 dragons in a row played a big role in the victory of the RNG. Despite good fights on the part of DWG, they were unable to win on the first map.

On the second map, ShowMaker unexpectedly picked Xerata, and Khan replaced Zion with Li Sin. In the end, it was these two players who made the greatest impact, earning a decisive advantage, and the cherry on the cake was Ghost's Quadrakill.

The third map, like the first one, went very smoothly, one can even say that DAMWON KIA had some initiative, but in the fight on Baron Nashor, RNG managed to gain the upper hand, thanks to the actions of Ming.

RNG took the lead for the second time. 2-1.

The fourth map was dictated by DAMWON KIA. Having seized the advantage from the very beginning, the Koreans finished the game without any problems and leveled the score again in 29 minutes.

The decisive map became a nightmare for DWG: the Koreans could not respond to any action from the RNG and gave frag after frag. Royal Never Give Up met no resistance on their way and effortlessly took the third card for themselves.

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3-2 in favor of Royal Never Give Up and they become the winners of the Mid-Season Invitational 2021, earning $75,000 in prize money and an extra slot at Worlds 2021 for their region. DAMWON KIA came in second and received $50,000.