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May 21st, 2021

Royal Never Give Up made it to MSI 2021 Grand Final!

The first map was marked by a stubborn struggle with no room for error: the Pacific squad managed to seize an early advantage, but an error on Baron Nashor prevented PSG Talon from taking the first map into its piggy bank.

Despite the defeat, the team spirit was at its best: PSG Talon again confidently started the game with Nocturne at the top. 2 kills at the bottom of the map and the advantage started to snowball. After a while Maple could kill anyone.

PSG played back in 29 minutes.

Then the Chinese got angry. As a result of the fight on the bot, despite the equal exchange, Royal Never Give Up became the winners. This allowed GALA to dominate Doggo for the rest of the game.

RNG did not lose a single fight and confidently finished the map in their favor in 22 minutes.

The last map started again with a slight edge from PSG Talon. They managed to keep up with one of the best teams of our time. Doggo tried his best to beat RNG, but unfortunately the team could not always support him.

PSG Talon manages to get ahead after the fight on the Baron, but literally 5 minutes later they lose the map, having made a mistake on the Elder Dragon.

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Royal Never Give Up




3-1 in favor of Royal Never Give Up and they go to the grand final, where they will face the winner of the pair DAMWON KIA vs MAD Lions. PSG Talon are ranked 3-4 and earn $25,000 in prize money. Despite the defeat, the title of MVP of the match went to Doggo.

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